Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Writer and Producer . . .

Life, Career, Creative and Business Coaching

Taira St. John, Ph.D., M.F.T.

As a psychotherapist, I have trained in various models of counseling in Lake County and in other California and out-of-state locations to learn about various needs and protocols from various teachers on various levels.  At the same time, I have lived a number of lifetimes, as an active and curious young person, a conscientious student, a hopeful career girl, a young bride, many years of marriage and children (now grown), and,  ultimately, divorce,  with mistakes and growth along the way into a long-term relationship today -- with careers in sales, management, communications and entertainment writing and producing before becoming a therapist.  

I have also been in my own business for nearly 50 years.  I find that frequently, I have experiened some or many life parallels that my clients are experiencing.  Therefore, I can address those problems with knowledge and experience.  In addition, various counseling theories and protocols help me relate and integrate them through your own creative processes that may be meaningful to you  and translate into greater understanding of your psyche.

In addition to one-on-one counseling and coaching in my Lakeport office, I also conduct Certified Online Coaching in California, where I am licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT), and am a Certified Life Coach throughout the U.S. and beyond by telephone, email, or online. 

 Life coaching deals more with the present and future than the past...with solutions for problems now with your friend, your boss, your life partner...Setting and fulfilling personal, relational, creative and career goals can be as therapeutic and satisfyng as counseling. I have worked as a coach through MyTherapyNet.com, Skype, ordinary mail and cell phone communications for the best combination of protocols for each client.  

If you contact me via email, we can connect by telephone to discuss your dreams, goals and needs, and personally and together define the best path to take to begin to fulfill them.  Then take the steps for your ultimate fulfillment.

Email me at stjohnt@mchsi.com for questions or an appointment.  

On all calls and correspondence, please leave your name, address, including city and zip code, telephone number and email address with your inquiry or other message, and let me know when you can most easily be reached.  I wil try to reach you within a day of your call, or earlier if possible.